Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 4 - March 10

Mon AM: Easy Run
3.01miles/26min/8:34 Pace

Mon PM: Core Strength
1) Bicyles
2) Hyperextensions w/hands under chin
3) Hello Darlings
4) Swimmers

Tue AM: Treadmill Intervals
4.75miles/40min/8:25 Pace
5x800@6:49Pace w/1 mile warmup & 400jog between

Wed AM: Strength
Strappers (multiple rounds for a total of 20min)
1) 6 Let Me Ups w/knees bent
2) 12 Alternating Side Lunges
3) 8 Pushups (including some w/a 3.5 year old on my back)

Wed AM: Easy Run
3 miles/27min/9:00Pace
Easy run in the snow, ice, and wind. Felt like going faster, probably because I was able to get out later in the morning, due to a snow day, and had already warmed up with a strength workout, but pulled in the reigns.

Thu AM: Wii Fit Yoga
30 minutes

Fri: Rest Day

Sat AM: Railrunner 10 miler
Warm Up: 1.01miles/8:48
10 miles/1:11/7:07 Pace
Will post a race report soon...

Sun AM: Reovery Run
4 miles/37min/9:20Pace
The weather was nice, mid 50s in the AM, and I wanted to take advantage of it by stretching out my legs. It definately felt like a recovery run, and my body is giving me signs that I need to take it easy.

Running Distance: 26 miles
Total Time Training: 4:50

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