I am a vegan straight edge father and runner.

I didn't start lacing up my running shoes until 2009, when I was 25. It was around this time that my partner and I were expecting our son. I had developed and maintained a base level of fitness via cycing, which I depended on as my primary mode of transportation. However, after becoming a father, both my bike and legs began collecting dust. The solution: running. Since then, I have logged thousands of miles, and raced everything from 5ks to marathons.

Running has positively impacted in my life in multiple ways.  At times, its a spiritual practice that connects mind, body, and nature. When on the race course, it gets my competitive juices flowing. It provides structure when life seems chaotic and keeps me somewhat sane. 

For over a decade, I have lived on an entirely plant-based diet. I was first exposed to the idea that one could thrive on a diet that not only doesn't include meat, but also dairy, eggs, or any other animal product, while in high school. Through the political punk and hardcore scene, I discovered a community that promotes clean living and a compassionate lifestyle. As a teenager, entering adulthood, I thought, if people can live without having to kill animals for food, why eat animals? This was my logic then and remains so today, as I approach my 30s.

People adopt veganism for a number of reasons, including animal welfare, environmentalism, and health. Since I first started living a vegan lifestlyle, the plant-based health movement has grown exponentially with the release of The China StudyForks Over KnivesThe Engine 2 DietThrive, and other popular books, films, and movements. Health was probably the least of the reasons why I adopted vegansim, but as a runner, and a father, I consider it to be a top priority today.

See you on the streets and roads. Go Vegan!

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