Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 11 - March 17

The theme of this week's training was forced rest, due to illness. Like most people, I have my ups and downs, not always performing at 100%, but its rare that I get ill to the point of being forced to lie down and little else. However, after not being at 100% prior to and after the Railrunner 10 miler last week, but remaining on my feet, I was finally brought to a halt this week, missing multiple workouts. Fortunately, after a few days of rest, I seem to be back on the upswing and easing back into training for the Run the Bluegrass half marathon, which is only a couple weeks away.

Running Distance: 15.87 miles
Total Time Training: 2:16

Tues AM: Hilly Mile Repeats
1 mile warm up, 4 x mile w/1/4 easy running between
7:29, 7:51, 7:20, 7:33

Sat AM: Easy Return Run
After being sidelined for a few days, due to illness I was finally itching to get back outside. By Saturday afternoon, spring like weather finally convinced me that stretching my legs for a few miles would be a good thing.

Sun AM: Easing Back Run
I was scheduled to run for 2 hours, at near half marathon pace for the last 30 minutes. However, the weather did a 180 degree turn from yesterday's 70 degrees and clear skies to today's near freezing temperatures and rainy conditions. Additionally, I did not want to push myself too hard after a forced break due to illness. The end result was 45 minutes easy and 15 minutes at 7:50 pace for a total of an hour run. Not a perfect run, but not bad considering the circumstances.

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