Thursday, February 28, 2013

Book Review: My Life On The Run by Bart Yasso

The free time I have that is not devoted to running is often spent reading. As a runner, I am attracted to literature about running, particularly when it involves adventure. I am easily entertained by books in the genre, such as Christoper's McDougall's Born to Run, and Dean Karnazes' Ultramarathon Man. My Life On The Run is the story of Bart Yasso, Runner's World Chief Running Officer. 

In his book, Yasso tells tells how he came to running and the great impact that it has had on his life. As the Chief Running Officer of Runners World, Yasso has a job that 99% of runners would love to have. He makes a living traveling across the globe to running related events. My Life On The Run guides the reader along to some of his more memorable running adventures, such as races in Anartica, Africa, Europe, and Nepal, as well as a nudist colony is Washington. 

As a vegan I was especially interested in Yasso's discussion about being a longtime vegetarian, and how he handled it while traveling, such as sharing meals with the carnivorous Inuit in Quebec and Russians in Antarctica. Yasso also includes practical running advice, such as his info about his well known Yasso 800s, which can be used to calculate one's marathon race time, and he concludes the book with a set of running plans for distances of 5k up to the marathon. Yasso's sense of humor and love for running make this both an entertaining and inspirational book to be included in a runner's library. Now, how do I apply for his job?

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